Why Own a Precision Tune Auto Care Franchise?

Discover What Sets Precision Tune Auto Care Franchise Apart in the Auto Care and Repair Industry

Precision Tune Auto Care is a recognized leader in the automotive service market for a good reason - with more than 40 years of experience, a proven franchise business model and initiatives that reinforce our Competence-Convenience-Caring auto care proposition - our brand is in position to take advantage of the growing consumer need for automotive maintenance and repair.

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Precision Training for Franchisees
Excellent training is critical to a successful and profitable business. Our Precision Training program is regarded as the best in the industry, and it comes as an integral part of every franchisee's support package.

At Precision University, we offer management training that includes financial modeling, business planning, customer communications, building and creating relationships, leadership skills, marketing and advertising, and of course proper operating procedures.

On the technical side, Precision Tune Auto Care conducts continuous research and development to keep us at the forefront of today's automotive technology. Eight one-week technical courses provide classroom and hands-on proficiency training for our aspiring technicians, covering all major automotive systems to enable you to offer expert diagnostics, repair and maintenance services to consumers. Training is offered year-round and it doesn't stop at Precision University. When technicians come across a particularly difficult situation, certified trainers are available via the Technical Hotline to offer solutions.

In addition to all of the training detailed above, Precision Tune Auto Care also has a wide variety of computer and video-based training courses available for both franchisees and employees. The classroom and proficiency-based courses at Precision University include:

The classroom and proficiency-based courses at Precision University include:

  • Franchise Management and Advanced Franchise Management
  • Service Writer/Manager Training
  • Technical Training (Engine Performance, Automotive Electronics, Emissions & OBDII, Domestic & Asian Fuel Injection, Brakes, A/C Service & Repair, Preventive Maintenance, Hybrids and more)
  • In addition to all of the training courses, Precision Tune Auto Care also holds a bi-annual convention to help our franchisees in all aspects of their business including operations, marketing, customer service, increasing sales and car count. Besides the educational opportunities, conventions are always a lot of fun!

Operating Model
Our focus on the Competence-Convenience-Caring market position allows us to deliver our services in a way that no other company duplicates. In addition, our concentration on providing a quality service experience has resulted in 85% customer satisfaction, and our marketing and advertising efforts have led us to enjoy an impressive 80% consumer awareness in our operational markets. Our international Precision Tune Auto Care franchise partners (representing 70 centers) also enjoy the benefits of our leadership, business model and brand proposition no matter how it is translated.

Marketing & Advertising Support Materials
All PTAC franchisees have access to professionally and strategically developed ad campaign materials to promote their center including radio and television commercials and print ads. Each of our automotive franchise centers benefits from timely Internet marketing programs designed to acquire and retain customers, as well as individual websites that are a part of www.PrecisionTune.com. We also provide assistance with the planning of your center's interior and exterior signage. Our 24/7 private intranet website allows franchisees to share and exchange key business ideas and experiences, while accessing valuable marketing and operations materials, resources and opportunities.

When you join the Precision Tune Auto Care franchise, you become a member of our national marketing co-op, providing you access to high-quality advertising materials ready to be used locally and local store marketing programs designed to help you tune in to your neighborhood's unique market and media environments.

Precision support programs also include coaching to help improve car count, rentals for guerrilla marketing tactics and internet marketing programs to keep you tuned in to web-savvy customers. These professional marketing and advertising materials give you the power to market our brand consistently and deliver a total service experience that's tuned in to what customers want.

Precision Marketplace Vendors
Our preferred customer status with many nationally recognized vendors provides our franchisees the opportunity to effectively manage inventory costs and needs, and fulfill customers' service expectations in a timely manner. Under the umbrella called Precision Marketplace, we have streamlined the buying process to provide centers with preferred pricing for parts, equipment, marketing promotional materials and technology.

Start-up Support
PTAC offers start-up management and training support to franchisees.

Site Selection
Real estate support is provided in the form of site selection analysis, which includes a demographic study of the sites you are interested in.

Prototype Plans
PTAC uses a 6+ bay prototype building plan, which helps get a new franchisee up and running quickly. Note: At Precision Tune Auto Care, we pride ourselves on being flexible and as a result, we have successful PTAC automotive franchise locations with 2-bay centers and 16-bay centers.

Toll-Free Hotlines
PTAC provides three toll-free hotlines to assist the PTAC franchise community with technical, equipment and customer service support.

On-going Communications
PTAC provides ongoing communications to keep you informed and educated on the franchise system and the automotive aftermarket industry using a variety of tools including email, 2-Minute Drill, Zone Action Planner, inTune magazine and our intranet site, MyPTZone.com. Our intranet, available 24/7/365, provides easy and immediate access to company news, advertising artwork, operations bulleting, technical updates, training manuals and to other franchisees via “bulletin board forums”.

Broad Service Offering & Nationwide Warranty
In the final analysis, it's all about customer loyalty. Precision Tune Auto Care can proudly say that we have been providing a total car care approach for years ahead of our competition. We understand that consumers are looking for “their mechanic” and we offer consumers convenience by being in their neighborhoods and delivering a great value from owners who actually know their customers' names. This, we believe, is the right mix to succeed in the automotive aftermarket. After all, we're not just servicing cars, we're serving people. This is a relationship business, not a transaction business!

You will be able to provide a wide variety of products and services to consumers including scheduled maintenance, repairs, oil changes and more, along with our 12 month/12,000 mile nationwide warranty.

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