Precision Auto Franchise Training for Franchisees

Excellent training is critical to a successful and profitable auto franchise. Our Precision Training program is regarded as the best in the industry, and it comes as an integral part of every franchisee’s support package. 

At Precision University, we offer management training that includes financial modeling, business planning, customer communications, building and creating relationships, leadership skills, marketing and advertising, and of course proper auto franchise operating procedures.

On the technical side, Precision Tune Auto Care conducts continuous research and development to keep us at the forefront of today’s automotive technology. Eight one-week technical courses provide classroom and hands-on proficiency training for our aspiring technicians, covering all major automotive systems to enable you to offer expert diagnostics, repair and maintenance services to consumers. Training is offered year-round and it doesn’t stop at Precision University. When technicians come across a particularly difficult situation, certified trainers are available via the Technical Hotline to offer solutions.

In addition to all of the training detailed above, Precision Tune Auto Care also has a wide variety of computer and video-based training courses available for both franchisees and employees.

The classroom and proficiency-based courses at Precision University include:

  • Franchise Management and Advanced Franchise Management
  • Service Writer/Manager Training
  • Technical Training (Engine Performance, Automotive Electronics, Emissions & OBDII, Domestic & Asian Fuel Injection, Brakes, A/C Service & Repair, Preventive Maintenance, Hybrids and more)

In addition to all of the training courses, Precision Tune Auto Care also holds a bi-annual convention to help our franchisees in all aspects of their business including operations, marketing, customer service, increasing sales and car count. Besides the educational opportunities, conventions are always a lot of fun!

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