Woman tricks thieves into giving back her stolen car

March 7, 2013 12:00 AM

Beatriz Pardo, a 50-year-old nurse in Washington State, was driving past a parking lot when she spotted a vehicle that looked familiar. The car she saw looked suspiciously like the one that had been stolen from her five days previously, and she decided to confront the thieves to get some answers. 

KIRO News reports that, after first calling 911, Pardo made a beeline for the alleged thieves who were getting ready to leave with her stolen car. She tried to get them to hand the keys over, but when the duo refused, Pardo tried something a bit more extreme - she faked a weapon. She jammed her fingers into one of their backs, and the thieves, thinking she had a gun, handed over the keys and made a run for it. 

Police eventually caught the car-stealing pair and Pardo got her car back - complete with the keys, which still had a picture of her son on the chain. 

Although she was successful in getting her car back, police don't recommend other theft victims doing what Pardo did. Instead, you may want to consider investing in an improved security system and having an auto repair franchise install it properly. 

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