Winter storms do more damage to cars across the US

March 26, 2013 12:00 AM

It's been a tough year for vehicles that come into contact with Mother Nature. Between Hurricane Sandy and countless winter storms that have pummeled much of the U.S., cars across the country were subjected to damage from the inclement weather. The latest report was from Mississippi, where hailstorms wreaked havoc on more than 1,000 vehicles earlier this week. 

According to WAPT News, the golf ball-sized hail struck much of central Mississippi Monday, March 25. Privately owned vehicles weren't the only ones damaged. Several dealerships saw their collection destroyed by the hail, as well as hundreds of vehicles at the Nissan assembly plant in Canton, Miss. 

"I've been through hailstorms before, but I've never seen one like this," Paul Moak, owner of a Honda dealership, told AutoBlog. "It came down for 15 minutes as we stood inside watching." 

Despite the damage - most of which consists of broken glass and dents - many of the automobiles will have the necessary car repair before going back on the market, albeit at a discounted price. Similarly, thousands of people across the state will have to get to the closest auto repair franchise to have windows and body damage fixed. 

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