Why you need to flush your radiator

January 26, 2012 12:00 AM

Most people know that the radiator is part of the car's cooling system, but this can lead to some misconceptions. For example, some might assume that because it's cold out, your engine is not in danger of overheating. That's not the case, and drivers who ignore radiator flush & fills could pay the price.

A car's radiator functions much like those in your home during the wintertime. This can lead to confusion - a heating object as part of the cooling system seems odd. Car radiators function by using the coolant that flows through the engine. The coolant's job is to lower the temperature of the engine, and it does this by absorbing heat. The radiator then takes the heat from the coolant and dissipates it into the air - sometimes through your car's heating system, reports HowStuffWorks. Thus, it's important to pay attention to this critical part.

Auto maintenance experts can provide drivers with radiator service, and many will include it as part of a tune-up. It's a good idea for drivers to invest in this every year or so, as it will ensure the engine stays cool and harmful contaminants do not build up inside the radiator.

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