Why, it's Greased Lightning!

March 24, 2011 12:00 AM

Long ago, John Travolta burst onto the silver screen singing about his car in "Grease," a musical about high school in '50s.

'Greased Lightning,' the name of Travolta's car in the movie and a popular musical number, became iconic when it underwent a drastic color change in the film.

The 1948 Ford De Lux is originally rusty and a boring white in the film, but to give it more pizzazz Danny Zuko and his Thunderbird buddies paint it - all the while singing "Grease Lightning."

In the end, the entire song is really a dream as the guys envision building a sweet, sexy red 1948 Ford with wing tips. When it's over, they're still stuck with the same old Ford De Lux, but they make it work in the end.

The song is an infectious jumble of '50s pop that is easily one of the most recognizable songs from the movie musical.

In its entirety, the "Grease" soundtrack is a great road trip album as it is filled with rockabilly '50s music (Hand Jive) and several sing-a-long ballads (Hopelessly Devoted to You). 

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