Which states have the worst drivers?

November 1, 2011 12:00 AM

Nearly everyone will claim that their state has the worst drivers, but which states actually have the scariest drivers on the road? CarInsuranceComparison.com recently put together a list of the best and worst states in the country for driving.

Using data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, American Motorists Association and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, the website ranked each state in several different categories, then averaged them together to come up with the best and worst states.

By and large, the biggest offenders were down south. Louisiana was named the worst state, with the 49th highest fatality rate and poor scores in drunk and careless driving. Montana had the highest fatality rate, but came in as the 9th worst overall thanks to good scores in other areas.

Rhode Island was named as the best overall state, while Massachusetts had the least fatalities.

Part of being a responsible driver also involves keeping up with your auto maintenance. Buying new tires from time to time and taking your vehicle in for tune-ups can help ensure that your car is in tip-top shape, which will reduce your risk of an accident out on the road.

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