Which cars attract the most bird poop?

June 22, 2012 12:00 AM

A new study by British retailer Halfords has found that some colors attract bird droppings more than others. Researchers looked at a variety of cars in five different cities around the U.K. and quickly found that some colors were more likely to be targets for bird poop.

Much like red attracts bulls, it appears that crimson-colored cars are an easy target for birds as well. Approximately 18 percent of all red cars in the survey had some type of bird poop on them. Other popular targets included blue at 14 percent and black at 11 percent.

Some vehicles were much less likely to be the victim of fly-by droppings. Just 3 percent of grey and silver models had evidence of bird poop on them. For those who really want to avoid poop on their car, however, the choice is green - only 1 percent of these cars were victimized.

Drivers with these color cars may find themselves at the car wash a bit more often than normal. However, owners should not solely pay attention to the exterior of their vehicle - the interior needs love too. Keeping up with scheduled maintenance and taking the vehicle in for a car tune up every now and then will ensure a model stays on the road.

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