When to fix your wiper blades

February 9, 2011 12:00 AM

Wiper blades might seem not so important, but when water begins to stay on your windshield and the dirt and grime creates impaired driving, they become infinitely more valuable.

According to Yahoo! Auto, almost 90 percent of driving decisions are made based on the viewer's perspective of the road. If the wipers are in bad condition, streaking, sticking or general failure can occur, greatly increasing the chances of an accident.

Factors that affect wipers include hot sun, freezing temperatures, heavy usage - all of them can lead to damaged wipers.

To test the blades, simple use the windshield washers (usually performed by pulling the turn signal lever towards the driver) and see if the wipers perform well. Any streaks, choppy motion or residue left of means its time to get them replaced.

New blades can be bought at your local maintenance store, and put on by a professional. In addition, car owners can usually replace the wipers themselves.

"Make sure the replacement blade is the same length and claw width as the original," warns Yahoo! "A blade that is too long may create interference problems, while one that is too short may not fit the holder."

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