When the clocks change, it's time to check vehicle maintenance

November 2, 2012 12:00 AM

Daylight Savings Time is coming to an end, and that means more than simply changing the clocks. For drivers, it is important to use the end of Daylight Savings as a reminder to have some scheduled maintenance done on a vehicle. The Car Care Council outlines why it is important to have a tune up done at this time of year, as well as what drivers should be looking out for.

"Turning back the clocks means fewer hours of daylight, so it's even more important that your vehicle's lights and wipers are working properly so you can be seen by others and your visibility is not comprised," said Rich White, executive director of the Car Care Council.

As the days get shorter, car owners will have to adjust to more driving in darkness. Headlights should be turned on once twilight comes around, and all lights on the car should be kept clean to avoid unintentional dimming. Making sure they are properly aimed can be important when driving in the less-than-perfect conditions.

When it comes to driving during the winter months, car owners should take certain precautions. Check lights and wipers, and be sure to stock a car with antifreeze and an ice scraper when in colder climates. Frequently checking the pressure of the tires as the changing weather affects them is also essential.

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