Whatever happened to the LeBaron?

April 18, 2014 12:00 AM

A humorous episode of the classic sitcom "Seinfeld" called "The Mom and Pop Store" featured the neurotic George, played by Jason Alexander, trying to purchase a pretty hip Volvo. The car salesman talks him out of this, and instead convinces George to buy a 1983 Chrysler LeBaron that he mistakenly thinks was driven by the actor Jon Voight. This leads to some zany adventures, as only "Seinfeld" can convey, with the episode ending with Jon Voight biting George's arm. While "Seinfeld" is a slightly older show, it seems that the famed LeBaron has fallen into the car dealership abyss - never to be heard from again. If you have recently seen the episode and are wondering what became of the LeBaron, we did some investigating for your benefit. 

Check out sites like MotorTrend to track down a LeBaron
According to MotorTrend, the classic Chrysler LeBaron is still available to be purchased used. While it is nigh impossible to say that Jon Voight once drove the LeBaron you seek, we do recommend that you check out MotorTrend to find someone selling a LeBaron close to you. The person you find may also help you feel safe by advising a place for auto repair, something that concerns all car users.

The source noted that the LeBarons that are available range from the older version of 1982, to the more '90s style of the 1992 model. The website Autoweek recently ran a story displaying a white 1982 LeBaron, and the picture the site posted shows the car in all its classic cool. A used LeBaron could be a great investment if you live in a warm area, allowing you to roll the top of the convertible down when the weather gets hot enough.

LeBaron could be a wonderful source of nostalgia
This could be accomplished, a la Jon Voight in "Seinfeld," by driving around Manhattan. The source also posted a '80s television advertisement for the LeBaron, which may have the unintended affect of precipitating a trip down memory lane. Nostalgia is a real value in finding objects, and the '80s vibe that the LeBaron exudes is a great asset in this regard. However, an anticipated problem with buying an older car is the availability of places that will perform an oil change or give the vehicle a tune up. We recommend looking into this before you purchase a used LeBaron so that you will not be disappointed if the car breaks down soon after you buy it, while you are left out in the cold when auto repair is a labor. 

Brief history of the LeBaron's interesting evolution   
The LeBaron had an intriguing life span, as the J-Body Chrysler LeBaron Coupe was introduced by Chrysler in 1987 to fill the gap that had opened when the company canceled the Reliant-based LeBaron, according to Allpar.com. The source noted that the 1987 model featured stylistic features that made them distinct from the earlier models.

The car was augmented and improved various times over the years, while production finally ceased in 1995. Many fans of the LeBaron, as well as "Seinfeld," may pine for a modern addition to the venerable LeBaron stock, adding a new convertible with improvements on the classic '80s and '90s car. While there is a good chance this may never happen, we recommend perusing used car catalogs and websites to track down a LeBaron suitable to your tastes and needs. There is a diverse and eclectic number of used LeBarons out there, ready for an inquisitive car consumer. While you may have to worry about tires and auto alignment once you have purchased the car, at least you don't have to watch out for an angry "Seinfeld" character. 

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