What will cars look like by 2020?

May 27, 2015 12:06 PM

Anyone who grew up watching "The Jetsons," might imagine a futuristic car gliding around the sky omitting robotic sounds. Suffice it to say, cars probably won't be flying by 2020, but they may be far more advanced than they are today. 

Is car man's new best friend? 
CNN reported what may be the most fascinating feature of the futuristic automobile - it may know you better than you know yourself. Thanks to big data, it's easier than ever for your car to remember your preferences and driving style. The car might know where you're heading before you even leave the driveway, summarized the source. 

The car might automatically tune into NPR when you drive to work. The car might automatically tune into NPR when you drive to work.

Mercedes-Benz is working on a system that can memorize a driver's schedule, mood and tastes, making it possible to predict traffic jams and suggest quicker routes for picking the kids up from school, according to CNN. Even the radio might automatically tune into NPR during your commute to work and kid's music when you bring the little ones to soccer practice. 

Cars will have the final say
It's not far-fetched to think that cars will not only know you better than some of your close friends, but they may actually tell you what to do. Forbes explained that by 2020, the autonomous vehicle will be in existence. That means the car will be capable of making choices and may even overrule you if your driving ethics are questionable. It's entirely possible that someone will develop a car that won't let you drive if you're in dire need of getting the tires rotated or another form of maintenance. 

"Futuristic cars won't emulate George Jetson's set of wheels, but they will be safer."

This technology brings into question the evolution of free will when it comes to driving. Will people drive cars or vice versa? In the coming years, if a driver inadvertently hits the gas instead of the brake, the car will still stop because it will know better. 

Will cars save lives?
Moreover, cars will be able to save lives even when it doesn't involve conditions of the road. Forbes confirmed that Ford Motor has toyed with the idea of creating a product with steering wheel sensors that capture a person's vital statistics, making it possible to identify when someone is having a heart attack on the road. 

In the event of a health emergency, the car can pull over and call 911. All the driver has to do is wait for paramedics to arrive. 

Sure, futuristic cars won't emulate George Jetson's set of wheels, but they will be safer. And that's way cooler than the perks of the cartoon car. 

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