What to bring on a summer road trip

June 22, 2012 12:00 AM

Many drivers will be hitting the road this summer for vacation, and it's important that all car owners are prepared for what they may encounter while behind the wheel. Taking care of auto air conditioning repairs and cooling system service is imperative for the pre-trip preparations, but there are some things drivers should have on hand just in case.

USA Today recommends all drivers carry a "summer maintenance kit" to deal with common roadside problems with summer vehicles. This kit should, at a bare minimum, include a can of compressed air for inflating tires, replacement wipers for the windshield and a jug of coolant if the radiator overheats. Thinking ahead with these items could save some major hassle as the road trip gets underway.

It's also a good idea to keep some cash stashed in the car. Obviously, keep the money out of sight so it's not easily visible by thieves. Drivers might be surprised by how many ice cream places don't accept debit cards, so having cash on hand is a surefire way to ensure the day isn't ruined.

Finally, a first aid kit can help with a variety of injuries that occur at the beach or amusement park. Keep some sunscreen in the kit as well to protect the whole family from harmful U/V rays.

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