What teens should understand about driving

April 24, 2014 01:58 PM

Teenage years present an adolescent with a trove of new experiences, many of which can be dangerous. Driving for the first time requires a heightened degree of knowledge, as teenagers need to be responsible for everything from knowing the safest driving habits to scheduling car tune up appointments. As a result, they should be aware of a few tips before setting out on the open road. 

Simple guidelines for teen driving 
According to Edmunds.com, teen drivers can bolster their skills by following some simple tips. For example, the source gave some advice on dealing with a police officer if a teen gets pulled over. Rather than strike a pose as a counter-cultural crusader, arguing against the policeman's judgment, the source suggests that not arguing is the best path to take. While a ticket can seem like a hassle, especially with the numerous costs of vehicle maintenance, arguing can often make the situation worse. 

Teens should also receive advice on one of the most dreaded of car driving experiences:when the check engine light turns on. As soon as this alert comes up, drivers should call up a trusted auto repair franchise to make an appointment. However, there are circumstances where a look under the hood cannot wait. The source suggests that in an extreme driving situation, like smoke coming out of the hood, a driver should stop the car.

Fixing a car - not as difficult as it seems 
The initial experience with a malfunctioning vehicle can be frightening, which is why understanding the situation can help a driver respond in a prudent manner. Getting the auto alignment of a vehicle right can be tricky - thankfully, there are great resources, like parents and auto shops, that will understand the issue at hand. 

Auto repair can also be a fickle problem, but it is necessary for the safety and performance of a car. This can seem like a hassle, especially if a teenager is juggling a busy schedule and a tight budget. Edmunds.com offers some counsel on going about auto repair in the best way, fixing a vehicle quickly and efficiently. 

The source drew attention to the value in finding a good garage or auto shop. A teen driver - or any driver, for that matter - wants to avoid spending an enormous amount of money on a fix that could have been obtained cheaply elsewhere. The source recommends hunting down auto shops that have gained high regard within the community. This can be done by perusing Internet forums, user reviews and company websites. Other drivers who have used the shop will be bluntly honest in an appraisal of the service they received. A teen driver will be able to sort out the wheat from the chaff if he or she uses this method, allowing their vehicle to be fixed in an affordable manner. This should be great news for teens and parents, who are doubtlessly concerned about the rising costs of auto insurance and gas prices. 

Safety comes first for drivers of all ages
According to TeenSafeDriving.org, a key problem with young drivers is the inexperience they bring behind to the wheel, which contributes to car crashes. A way for teen drivers to gain experience, of course, is to drive. Starting small by driving in a residential area can be a great way for new drivers to gain experience, slowly but surely working their way up to the fast-paced driving major highways present. Another problem the source noted is the injuries that result from failure to put on a seat belt. This is easily rectified, as teen drivers should always, without exception, put on a seat belt before they start driving. The benefits of this small action are almost incalculable. 

If teens follow this advice, driving will soon be a breeze. 


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