What are the most common street names in America?

June 27, 2012 12:00 AM

Anyone who has got lost on a summer road trip knows that America's street names can be a bit confusing, especially when so many of them get re-used. It's not uncommon for neighboring towns or cities to have two similarly named streets in close proximity to each other. But which names are more often used than others?

A recent study by the National League of Cities found that there are some very common trends when it comes to street naming. One of the more obvious is naming streets after numbers. Surprisingly, however, First Street isn't at the top of the list - perhaps because many towns opt to call this road "Main Street" instead.

That leaves the most popular street name in the country as Second Street, with 10,866 roads bearing the name. Third Street isn't far behind, also topping 10,000 streets.

Of the non-numeric names, Park is the most popular, followed by Main. Oak, Pine, Maple, Cedar and Elm also all appear in the top 20. The only proper noun to make the list was Washington, with nearly 5,000 streets.

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