Watch out for deer on the roads this winter

November 5, 2013 12:00 AM

As winter approaches, many drivers are preparing to operate a vehicle in rough conditions. However, motorists should also be taking steps to ensure they know what to do in the event they encounter a deer while driving. Colliding with deer can result in expensive auto repair - not to mention injury - so keeping an eye out for these creatures is a must. 

Whitetail deer are especially prevalent during the cold-weather months, so many organizations are advising drivers to slow down and focus on the road. With many people heading outside to participate in fall activities that may disturb deer from their homes and daylight savings causing more people to travel between dawn and dusk, it is likely these animals are out and about at the same time as many drivers, increasing the likelihood of accidents. 

"Deer-vehicle collisions are an unfortunate and often painful consequence of living with whitetails, and there's no predicting when or where they might occur," said Carl G. Roe, executive director of the Game Commission. "Drivers should be advised, however, that deer have entered a period of increased activity and are crossing roads more often as a result." 

Drivers should bring their car in for a tune up to ensure headlights and taillights are working properly. Having the brake service checked could also be helpful, as it will make sure you can stop in time to avoid any animals you encounter on the roads.  

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