Washington, DC, drivers support red-light cameras

April 29, 2013 12:00 AM

While drivers may not be thrilled with the idea of red-light and speed cameras documenting their every move, many people support the inclusion of these tools. A recent study from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety found that about 87 percent of residents in Washington, D.C., support red-light cameras and 76 percent agree with the inclusion of speed cameras. 

Pedestrians are more likely to view the cameras favorably, especially because they are benefiting from the area becoming more walk- and bike-friendly. Although drivers may not be as supportive if they get a ticket, many still recognize that there is value in the tools that goes beyond potentially limiting auto repair after a crash. 

"It's worth noting that 59 percent of the drivers who had been ticketed agree that they deserved their most recent citation," said Anne McCartt, a senior vice president at the IIHS. "This counters the argument that drivers are being unfairly targeted. The majority of violators knew they had broken the law and agreed with the consequences." 

One thing that may help soothe drivers who aren't fans of the cameras is a recent change to the fining structure. Speed camera fines in the city dropped by as much as $50, depending on the speed, which could make the tickets a bit easier to stomach, NBC Washington reports. 

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