Warm up cars on frozen mornings

February 25, 2013 12:00 AM

No one wants to start their day by dealing with a snow-covered, frozen car. Icy windshields, impenetrable locks and immovable wipers are just a few of the common problems that drivers regularly encounter during the winter, and all of them can make mornings unbearable. Luckily, there are a few tips for vehicle maintenance car owners can use to get their rides up and running in the lowest of temperatures. 

Drivers who find that their keys aren't fitting into the lock can try a variety of different tricks to open the door. USA Today recommends holding the key over a lighter for a small amount of time to warm up the metal, which can then melt any residual ice frozen inside the lock. Another option is to use a hair dryer to get rid of the obstacle, but drivers should avoid using hot water to melt the ice. In addition to providing inconsistent results, the liquid can remain on the car only to freeze at a later time, causing the problem all over again. 

If your wipers are frozen or you're struggling to clear off windows, grab some hand sanitizer. KSDK News reports that rubbing the gel over the ice can help remove it, as most of the compounds have alcohol in them - just like deicers. 

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