Volvo's autonomous cars set to hit the roads in 2014

October 25, 2012 12:00 AM

It appears that cars are on the cusp of being able to drive themselves, with Volvo announcing its intention to include this new technology in its 2014 models, according to AutoBlog. Dubbed Traffic Jam Assistance, the first wave of these advancements will be able to steer, brake and accelerate in slow-moving traffic as it follows the car in front of it.

Aimed at relieving some of the stress and monotony of driving in traffic jams or urban areas, the system uses adaptive cruise control while still giving the driver full control of the car at all times.

The only remaining issue, according to Businessweek, is setting safety regulations for autonomous vehicles. While alert drivers will be required for an estimated 10 to 20 years, the technology will still have to be monitored to ensure the safety of all those on the road.

"Automated driving, and the components of it, really is the next evolutionary step for what we see as safety technology in the passenger fleet," said David Strickland, National Highway Traffic Safety administrator, as quoted by Businessweek. "We have to make sure the technology is reliable."

This new wave of technology will only be available for new models of Volvo cars, with other automakers likely to follow suit. Drivers looking to upgrade existing cars with a simple tune up or addition are probably out of luck when it comes to this futuristic transportation. 

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