Volkswagen commercials returning to Super Bowl

December 21, 2012 12:00 AM

For the fourth consecutive year, Volkswagen will air commercials during the U.S.'s most-watched television event, the Super Bowl. Following the automaker's success during previous games, when it premiered the widely acclaimed ads "The Force," "The Dog Strikes Back" and "The Bark Side," the manufacturer has decided to return with what it hopes will be an even better commercial.

"After a record-setting 2012, Volkswagen looks to the Big Game as an opportunity to sustain momentum in the year ahead," said Tim Mahoney, chief marketing officer of Volkswagen. "We are excited to build upon our storytelling legacy during one of TV's most watched events."

According to USA Today, 2013's 60-second commercial will air sometime during the second quarter of the big game, but Volkswagen has not released any details about the content of the ads. However, viewers can probably expect the automaker to forgo facts about fuel efficiency or vehicle maintenance in favor of more entertaining ads.

The past two years saw critical success for the brand's commercials, which in turn contributed to a 35 percent increase in sales and a 45 percent increase in visitors to the manufacturer's website since their debut in 2010, the news source reports. 

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