Visit the spookiest road in America for a Halloween fright

October 28, 2011 12:00 AM

Clinton Road in Passaic County, New Jersey, is oft-referred to as the scariest road in America. There are hundreds of reported sightings of ghosts, Satanic rituals, phantom cars, wolves and creepy mutant creatures. Some people have reported being chased by witches and Ku Klux Klan members, but the ghost of the young boy is one of the most-reported sightings.

"If you ever decide to travel down Clinton Road at midnight, stop at the bridge by Dead Man's Curve," a West Milford resident said in a letter to Weird New Jersey. "As the story goes, if you sit on that bridge and throw pennies into the river, the ghost of a young boy will throw them back to you."

There have also been reports of a white wolf with glowing red eyes that will follow you until you hightail it out of there, and the other creatures that many have reported are rumored to have escaped from the Jungle Habitat in nearby West Milford that was only open for a few years in the 70s.

Anyone who is planning a spooky road trip this Halloween should be sure to check the air pressure in your tires, get auto maintenance and check brakes before you head to this haunted road. The last thing you want is to be face-to-face with a ghost and not be able to drive out of there.

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