Virgin Hotels to supply guests with Tesla vehicles

February 19, 2015 09:14 AM

Road trips may be a fun way to travel, but it's not always feasible to reach a destination by car. Unfortunately, that leaves many stuck to deal with high-priced rental cars. While these automobiles may give you the freedom to roam around a given area, you also have to contend with issues like parking availability, insurance costs, fuel prices and related expenses. That's why one hotel brand is striving to give its guests some auto-inspired perks. 

Virgin Hotels recently launched a program that provides a car service for anyone who stays at the chain. But this won't be like a typical rental program, as guests will be able to ride in a Tesla Model S. So far the service is only available in Chicago, but should it take off, guests at hotels around the world may soon be exploring a destination in a Tesla. 

This model is renowned for its electric motor, which allows it to travel up to 265 miles on a single charge. That meshes well with Virgin's push toward sustainability. According to the brand, its hotels take measures to promote eco-friendly practices, and offering a Tesla for guest use is a great way to stick to those values without sacrificing service. 

"Tesla is the hottest electric car on the road right now, and we're elated to provide our hotel guests with this chic house-car service while also helping to reduce our carbon footprint," said Doug Carrillo, the vice president of sales and marketing at Virgin Hotels. "For Virgin Hotels, it's important to provide services our guests desire but do so with the environment in mind whenever possible." 

The cost of owning a Tesla Model S outright - not to mention the vehicle maintenance associated with it - is too high for many drivers. However, the automobile still attracts people thanks to its impressive range and outstanding safety features. 

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