Vehicle supply shortages could impact sales

September 5, 2013 12:00 AM

Updates about new car sales have shown some positive changes for the auto industry. Sales are up for almost all of the major automakers, and while that may be good news for most, it also means some prospective drivers are left in the dust. With so many people buying new vehicles, dealerships around the country are experiencing a car shortage, which is contributing to higher sticker prices, The Wall Street Journal reported. 

Sales of new cars and trucks grew 14 percent in August, and many automakers do not have the supply needed to fully restock dealerships. This limited supply means that the cost of these vehicles is remaining high while incentives are low, but even these prices are not deterring buyers. However, many car makers are not prepared to meet the demand, and the brands need to make some important choices about future production. 

"Manufacturers are in a precarious situation," Karl Brauer, a senior director at Kelley Blue Book, told the news source. "The shortages we're seeing now aren't yet severe, but [car makers] have to predict where they are going to be six to 18 months from now." 

Drivers who can't find the specific models they are looking for may find that it is more beneficial to invest in vehicle maintenance and hold off on making car purchases. With prices so high, it may be better for motorists to wait for more affordable versions of the automobiles they want. 

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