Vehicle maintenance preps cars for summer travel

April 30, 2013 12:00 AM

Summer vacations are in sight, and that means drivers have to start getting their cars ready for road trips, treks to the beach and other summer adventures. The easiest way to do this is with a car tune up, which can get a vehicle primed to hit the road and keep running all summer long. 

"Vehicles need to be in shape for the summer travel season," said Pat Dougherty, a vice president at Mopar, Chrysler's customer care brand. "Preventative maintenance keeps vehicles on the road longer and saves customers money in the long run." 

Drivers should take their vehicles to an auto repair franchise to have parts of the car looked at by a professional. Things like the engine, tires, oil level and battery should definitely be checked out, as they can be the source of common problems.

Other areas, such as HVAC, wiper blades and lights, also need to be examined in case they are needed during a trip. Motorists will likely want car air conditioning service in working order once temperatures start to rise, and lights and wipers can help out in the event a sudden summer storm strikes. 

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