Used cars offer advantages for the environment

November 13, 2013 01:52 PM

Many people turn to hybrid or electric vehicles as a way to be more environmentally friendly when driving a car. These options may be sustainable, and they also offer some long-term savings for motorists, but they are not the only ways to lessen on the impact of an automobile on the planet and your wallet. In fact, there are numerous studies that show investing in a used car - and operating it effectively - can be just as beneficial for those who are conscious of the environment and their budget. 

Lower initial costs
One of the major advantages of investing in a used car is that you are bypassing the manufacturing process that is needed to create newer, alternative-energy vehicles. Although electric cars have zero emissions on the road, they still require traditional manufacturing and production to create the final vehicle - something that still harms the environment, The Wall Street Journal reported. For that reason, many believe that investing in used cars, at least for the near future, is more advantageous. It allows drivers to use resources already that have already been created, thus reducing waste. 

Additionally, the sticker price of used cars tends to be lower than their environmentally friendly counterparts. Although the costs may even out over the years thanks to fuel and vehicle maintenance expenses, it does pose a problem for drivers on a budget. 

Other ways to save
According to MoneyTalks News, there may also be other ways to save money with used cars to even out the fuel savings offered by hybrids and electric vehicles. Lower insurance rates and registration or title fees may be present with used cars, and while they might more costly to fuel, they also tend to offer more affordable car repair and maintenance, as replacement parts are easier to obtain. 

Don't let repairs ruin the rewards
Used cars may be better for the environment in some respects, but they lose a few of their benefits if you let them fall into disrepair. To prevent this from happening to your car, make sure you are bringing it to an auto repair franchise for scheduled maintenance. All aspects of a car need to be running smoothly to have optimum fuel efficiency, and taking the automobile in for a tune up can ensure that drivers are doing their part to cut down on gas consumption and waste. 


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