Update insurance information to prevent costly fees

August 26, 2013 12:00 AM

Shopping around for a new car can be overwhelming, and it's easy to see how certain responsibilities may slip through the cracks. One task that should not be overlooked is the process of informing insurance providers of changes or providing all the facts when switching companies.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation recommends all drivers take a proactive approach to handling their auto insurance. When switching providers, the car owners are the ones who must inform state departments about the change. In many instances, drivers will also have to complete a verification process before complete coverage can go into effect.  

"Though certain coverages are required in an auto policy, there are additional options consumers can choose to customize a policy to fit their needs and their budget," said Randy Rohrbaugh, executive deputy insurance commissioner for the Pennsylvania Insurance Department. "Consumers need to remember that if you fail to renew your policy, or if your policy is canceled, you could face fines, penalties and driving restrictions." 

Ignoring these responsibilities can lead to headaches should drivers be involved in an accident or have car trouble. Auto repair can be significant and time consuming, and the last thing owners want is obstacles getting in the way of their return to the road. By making sure all insurance elements have been properly handled, there will be one less thing to worry about when they make a trip to an auto repair franchise

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