TV actress drives a Bentley around LA

January 25, 2011 12:00 AM

Eva Longoria, the actress who portrays Gabrielle Solis in ABC's hit dramedy "Desperate Housewives," was recently spotted driving her parents around in a Bentley Continental GTC.

Celebrity Cars Blog snapped a photograph of her in Hollywood as she left Beso, a restaurant the actress co-owns.

The two-door GTC is a sleek vehicle with beautiful interior design and a boxy exterior that somehow manages to look as sexy as a red Ferrari.

With a nearly $420,000 list price, the Continental is certainly an expensive drive, but MSN Auto says the car is one of the best out there for performance and extravagance.

As a convertible, the car is a fun vehicle to drive around even though it has only an 11 mpg city fuel economy. The Continental reaches 60 mph in 4.8 seconds and 100 mph in 11.6 seconds thanks to a twin 12-cylinder engine, giving the Continental a powerful sports car feel, despite being nothing of the sort.

All-wheel drive comes standard on the GTC, which is nice considering its hefty weight. Despite smooth steering, drivers who change lanes too quickly on the freeway or speed around tight curves will definitely notice just how much poundage the Continental packs.

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