Truck drivers offer up safety tips for the holiday season

November 29, 2012 12:00 AM

With millions of drivers hitting the roads to travel and prep for the holiday season, practicing safe driving habits is the most effective way to stay protected. In order to help keep travelers safe on the roads, a group of elite professional truck drivers offered up their best tips for navigating the holidays.

"Between motorists visiting families or shopping during the start of the holiday shopping season, our highways are busier than ever," said professional driver Brooks Washburn. "There is nothing better than patience and safe driving practices behind the wheel."

Many recommended getting a tune up before the holiday season starts and having a professional check tires, fluid levels and other aspects basic maintenance. They also suggest mapping out a route before traveling long distances and memorizing the exact exits, by name and number, before leaving the driveway.

Once on the roads, drivers should be aware of their blind spots and other cars on the road. Avoid cutting in front of large trucks, as those vehicles tend to take longer to stop and change speeds, which can make for problems on icy roads. Having an emergency kit in the car and preparing for inclement weather are also easy steps drivers can take to protect themselves.

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