Transformer cars come wrapped up in NASCAR logos

January 4, 2011 12:00 AM

While movie-goers aren't so sure about paying $10 to see another Transformers movie, car enthusiasts should be excited about the new toys being used during production.

Photos have been released showcasing a number of stock cars from NASCAR that will be featured in Transformers 3, the full name of which has not been released.

Three NASCAR vehicles will be added to the movie, but it's not clear whether they're heroes or villains. According to Top Speed, rumors are swirling that the Chevrolet Impalas, dressed with NASCAR regalia, will be on the Decepticons' side of the fence.

The three cars might play the role of the Stunticons, which morph together to form the Menasor. It is also possible the three cars-turned-robots will be Autobots, called Wreckers.

NASCAR hasn't said anything about the matter, but chances are they won't be too happy if they turn out to be Decepitcons. Of course, they'll probably be happy to get any free publicity they can get, especially if it's from a global phenomenon such as the Transformer movies.

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