Toyota suffers more setbacks, this time from the Japan earthquake

April 13, 2011 12:00 AM

It seems like Toyota can't catch a break, these days, doesn't it? After more than two years of lawsuits and accusations despite high sales volume, the automaker still continues to struggle with production-related ailments, reports AutoWeek.

After the tragic 9.0 earthquake struck Japan, Toyota's plant suffered massive damage, resulting in the decrease of parts available for North American factories.

In a statement released on April 8th, Toyota announced its North American assembly plants would be idle on April 15, 18, 21, 22 and 25. One facility, located in Georgetown, Kentucky, will be open on the 21st, but closed on the other four days.

It's engine and parts plants will also shut down for approximately five days. The delay will reportedly cost the automaker 35,000 vehicles through April 25th, according to Tania Saldana, a spokeswoman for Toyota.

"We are slowing down to conserve parts yet maintain production as much as possible," said the executive vice president of Toyota Motor Engineering and Manufacturing in North America, Steve St. Angelo.

On March 23, the company announced it would likely have to cut hours to allow more parts to arrive from Japan, but the dates and amount of time were unclear.  

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