Toyota recalling 2.5 million vehicles

October 11, 2012 12:00 AM

Toyota has been forced to recall millions of vehicles around the world after several reports of problems leading to fire risks.

According to NBC News, the recall involves more than 7 million cars sold under the Toyota and Scion brands. About 2.5 million of those vehicles are owned in the United States.

Faulty window switches are the cause of the recall, with the manufacturer claiming the switches on the driver's side may feel "sticky" or "notchy" when in use. When commercial lubricants are applied in an effort to fix the problem, the assembly could melt and lead to smoking or a fire. More than 200 incidents involving the switches have already been documented in the U.S., reports AutoBlog, but so far no accidents or injuries have come from them.

The automaker previously dealt with a similar issue in February.

This marks the biggest single recall since 1996, when Ford issued warnings about 7.9 million cars. The automobiles affected by Toyota's problem all date from 2007 to 2009 and encompass several different models. Owners who may have vehicles with this problem will receive notice by the end of October. The necessary auto repair is only expected to take about an hour at a proper dealership. 

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