Toyota pits celebrities against professional drivers

April 18, 2013 12:00 AM

You may think you hit high speeds when on the road or imagine yourself as racing against other drivers, but the everyday motorists aren't quite at the same level as professional racers. Of course, this thought will get put to the test when Toyota launches its annual race, which pits professional drivers against celebrities in a race for charity. 

The 19 participants will go head to head at the 39th annual Toyota Grand Prix of Long Beach April 20. Racers will complete 10 laps on the track, which is nearly 2 miles long, while driving a Scion FR-S. Competitors include Olympians Jessica Hardy and Tyler Clary, actor Jesse Metcalfe and comedian Wanda Sykes. 

"This year's Toyota Pro/Celebrity Race features a strong group of celebrities pushing ahead of the highly competitive pro drivers," said Anthony Curtis, a professional odds-maker. "There are so many factors on race day, making this an exciting competition and a great way to benefit kids." 

Drivers of all talent levels will be tested on their handling of the cars as well their knowledge of racing. There may even be some car repair done on the fly, so everyone present at the event will have to be ready for anything. 

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