Toyota introducing pre-crash braking systems

November 26, 2012 12:00 AM

Toyota is set to release a pair of pre-crash safety systems that focus on avoiding pedal misapplication. According to Automotive News Europe, the new technologies will prevent high-speed collisions and pedal issues, with their debut coming in a high-end sedan before slowly being added to other mid-sized and compact cars.

The first addition is a brake service that uses radar to detect the risk of a possible collision. If the sensor picks up on a potential danger, it then alerts the driver via the display and sounds. It can also double the amount of braking force the driver applies to ensure the vehicle stops in time.

Another feature would use sonar to sense when a car is backing up toward an obstacle too quickly. If this happens, the car would once again use sound and display alerts while applying the brakes. It also employs the brakes when abnormal shifting is detected, helping to eliminate pedal misapplication.

Toyota recently found that a large number of accidents occur because of unintended acceleration, which may be the fault of the driver or mechanical errors. With the new systems aiming to cut down on crashes and the subsequent auto repair, the number of crashes that occur as a result of these problems would decrease. 

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