Toyota debuts Fun-Vii Concept

November 30, 2011 12:00 AM

Toyota is showing off a vehicle concept from the "not-too-distant" future at the Tokyo Motor Show 2011, and the styling of this ultra-sleek model is likely to turn some head, reports Silicon Republic.

The new Fun-Vii Concept features a dynamic exterior display that is more akin to a computer screen than any car on the road today. Simply by pressing a few buttons, the owner of the car can display just about anything on the car itself - whether it's just a color change or some other type of imagery. The interior of the car sports the same feature, so drivers can set the mood according to the moment if they so choose.

Toyota says its designs were inspired by smartphones, and some functions can be controlled remotely by phone. The car can also connect to the internet and download apps or other useful tools.

Looking to futuristic cars is nice, but for the time being, most drivers are more worried about the vehicle in their garage. Until someone invents a car that never needs repairs, the best way to ensure your car makes it to the future is through preventative auto maintenance, such as brake service and oil changes.

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