Toyota Camry, Honda CR-V named the top redesigns of the year

November 15, 2012 12:00 AM

The Toyota Camry and Honda CR-V were named the top redesigns of the year by The review website crunched numbers for 61 remodeling efforts by various manufacturers and found the total sales growth for each vehicle.

With more than $1 billion spent annually to develop and redesign cars, the success of a remodel places major emphasis on sales. Following the update, sales of Camrys increased by more than 24 percent, while the CR-V grew by just over 22 percent. The Camry was also the number one selling mid-size sedan of the year, with predictions putting its total 2012 sales are more than 400,000 units, Automobile Mag reports.

Redesigns make it possible for drivers to capitalize on updates given to reliable and proven models without having to undergo massive amounts of auto repair or body work.

"Not all redesigns are equally successful, but the Camry and CR-V scored big among top-selling models," said Kelsey Mays, an analyst at "The Camry drew huge appeal from car shoppers, and the CR-V has been equally popular among shoppers and has also been a favorite this year." 


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