Top 5 strangest roadside attractions

May 15, 2015 02:00 PM

What fun is a road trip if you don't give yourself a little wiggle room to get weird? Staying in the car too long is synonymous with leg cramps, family feuds and overall mood deterioration. Next time you're heading out for a lengthy journey, include one or all of these quirky pit stops on your itinerary - you'll be glad you did.

Here are the top five strangest roadside attractions. 

1. House of Beer Cans, Houston, Texas

"Milkovisch loved any and all beer, especially if it was on sale."

An affinity for beer and good craftsmanship are all it took for John Milkovisch to construct this beer can-adorned dwelling. As NPR reported, the home contains more than 50,000 beer cans. The good spirited folk behind this beer-riddled creation - Milkovisch and his wife - split six-packs with friends, neighbors and passerbys to accumulate such a high volume of recyclables. For the record, Milkovisch loved any and all beer, especially if it was on sale, according to NPR.

2. A peanut that looks like Jimmy Carter, Plains, Georgia
This nutty piece of art is no coincidence. Roadside American explained that the outwardly ebullient peanut was designed by three locals just shortly before the former president paid a visit to Plains. It's made from wooden hoops, chicken wire, polyurethane and aluminum foil. Albeit prominent, this peanut remains the second largest in the world.

3. Cadillac Ranch, Amarillo, Texas
What do you get when you put a bunch of hippies in the desert with old cars and hot paint? You get this glorified homage to the Cadillac. Decked out in vibrant hues, these 10 vehicles stand upright, partially buried in the sand along the iconic Route 66. 

Cadillac Ranch is a must see if you're cruising along Route 66. Cadillac Ranch is a must see if you're cruising along Route 66.

4. Salvation Mountain, Calipatra, California
The movie "Into the Wild" gives a nod to this psychedelic art exhibit. The elaborate display offers a simple message, conjured by its creator Leonard Knight: God is love. The sight speaks to many audiences, including art enthusiasts, nature-lovers and spiritual folk. 

5. World's Largest Chicken Wing, Madeira Beach, Florida
This hanging piece of meat just screams Florida doesn't it? On your way to Miami or some burgeoning part of the state, swing by Madeira Beach to snap a selfie with this half-ton chicken wing that dangles over buckets of mild, medium and hot sauces, explained Roadside America. Hey, it beats the world's largest ball of twine, right? 

Slow down there, cowboy
Before you shove off to these eccentric destinations, make sure your car is up to par so things don't get really weird out there on the open road. Take your set of wheels in for maintenance service before you drive off into the night. 

Splurge on a car tune up, tire rotation - or tire replacement if one or all of the tires are in bad shape - and of course, you can't drive cross country if the air conditioner is on the fritz. 

Once you and your car are ready to roll, it's time to put the pedal to the metal. Time your stops right so you can see a colossal chicken wing, a magical beer home, a spiritual mountain, a car ranch and a smiling peanut. How awesome does that sound? 

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