Top 4 car shows in the country

June 11, 2015 12:55 PM

Fill your need for travel and cars all in one shot by checking out some of the best automotive shows in the country. Pack your bags, fill your tank and grab your camera because these spectacles are sure to deliver.

Here are the top four car shows in the U.S. 

1. Chicago Auto Show, Chicago, Illinois
Book a round trip ticket to the Windy City for one of the nation's largest and longest-running car shows held Feb. 13-21, 2016. As shown on the event's website, the 1 million square foot venue boasts exotic and domestic car exhibits - more than 1,000 different vehicles total, antique models and other auto-related memorabilia. Each day brings a special guest appearance and other surprises. 

Take a trip to Chicago for this exciting car show. Take a trip to Chicago for this exciting car show.

After you've had enough of cars, explore the city's diverse dining scene, iconic monuments and structures, and excellent shopping boutiques. 

2. Pebble Beach Concours d'Elegance, Pebble Beach, California 
According to Cheat Sheet, this coastal city is home to several soirees throughout the summer and one of them happens to be all about cars. During your California sojourn, you can expect to witness cars being auctioned off for millions and see some of the world's most unique vehicles. 

"You can expect to witness cars being auctioned off for millions.

This August marks the event's 65th year running, as stated on Pebble Beach Resorts. It's known to be the hub of many firsts, including Bugatti's presentation of its only six Bugatti Royales ever made. Pack your golf clubs and plenty of sunscreen so you can hit the courses and beaches in between exhibits.

3. Los Angeles Auto Show, Los Angeles, California
If you're looking for a city-style getaway, then plan a stay in the City of Angels. According to LA Auto show, the 107-year-old event includes appearances from musicians, dancers and other celebrities and a staggering number of car debuts. 

Take advantage of all that LA has to offer before your departure including its notorious nightlife, well-established art scene and sprawling beaches. Taking a walk down the Hollywood Walk of Fame is a must. 

4. New York International Auto Show, New York, New York
Slated to start March 25 of 2016, this spectacle holds claims to being the country's first auto show. Visit the Big Apple to get your fair share of panel discussions, motorcycle and car exhibits, and hands-on activities. As stated on the event's website, this is a family-friendly experience. 

If you're planning on driving to any of these events, take your car in for service first to have the tires, oil and other essentials checked. Nothing hits the brakes on a trip harder than car troubles. 

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