Tips for getting a car to 300,000 miles

July 25, 2011 12:00 AM

The area of vehicle maintenance is extremely important, and yet many drivers let simple tasks fall by the wayside, which damages their engine and shortens the lifespan of their vehicle.

AOL Autos is looking to put a stop to that, and thus recently offered up some tips on getting to 300,000 miles. The news source has profiled multiple vehicles that got to this legendary milestone, and many of the owners gave the same advice.

It'd be nice if every car got to this astronomical odometer reading, but there are a few easy things drivers can do to help themselves along. One important and obvious area is oil changes. Every manufacturer makes recommendations for how long a driver should go between oil changes, which many ignore. It's usually very simple to take your car into a local garage and have the work performed quickly. However, many drivers still skip this simple step.

Another area that can help out with mileage is fluid maintenance. Changing out things like the brake fluid, transmission fluid and coolant on a regular basis also extends the lifespan of a vehicle.

Obviously, there's no guarantee that a car will get to 300,000 miles, but regular vehicle maintenance can definitely extend the lifespan of an automobile.

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