The three worst roads and intersections in the US

December 15, 2010 12:00 AM

For many people, driving is an enjoyable and sometimes even an exhilarating experience. Speed, sharp turns and beautiful vistas are what many of us live for, but there comes a point on the road when the fun stops and the panic sets in.

Some roads are just too dangerous to have fun on, so in hopes you stay safe, here are the top three worst highway intersections in America, according to MSN Auto.

Atlanta's horrible intersection between I-85 and I-285 is so poorly planned, its nickname is "Spaghetti Junction." As safe as a five-level interchange can get, the American Highway Users Alliance gave this stretch of road a big, fat "F." During the winter, the off- and on-ramps become a "labyrinthine ice skating rink, causing dozens of accidents and epic delays," reports MSN.

Coming in second place is the Million Dollar Highway in Colorado, a mountain pass road with barely any guard rails or shoulder to pull over. Be careful for those avalanches in the winter, medics might come to the rescue, but your car is likely toast.

What could be worse than an avalanche? Los Angeles, of course. Despite having awfully slow traffic, the city's intersections aren't any safer with low speeds. The Route 101 and I-405 intersection is confusing, with signs misguiding drivers and a serious amount of pent-up rage thanks to the five or eight hours of traffic found here every day.

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