The Hyundai Santa Fe needs a tune-up

December 21, 2010 12:00 AM
Reviews are in for the 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe and they're not the best for the manufacturer's image. Three separate critics slammed the Santa Fe for its bleak design, poor suspension and surprisingly low fuel economy. Joe Chulick said it looks like "a Lexus at a masquerade party" and said Hyundai had improved the vehicle in terms of a smoother ride and a good warranty coverage. However, he also pointed out that there were blind spots in the A-frame and rear corner. "Nevertheless, the Santa Fe is a great SUV for the money." That's the nicest thing anyone had to say. The second critic whines a lot. It's ugly, complains Paul Hagger. It wobbles around corners. The transmission doesn't handle full throttle from 0 mph. It's "the only real disappointment in Hyundai's impressive... line-up." Lastly, there's Perry Stern, the wise man. Sure, the Santa Fe has problems, says Stern, but it's also quiet, spacious and perfect for a crossover choice to a Hyundai. The power exerted is "reasonable," the critic continues, adding that he too expected a better miles per gallon rate. The Santa Fe "is in need of a refresh," he concludes..
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