The college football playoff: Car Insurance Edition

December 29, 2014 10:57 PM
The brand new College Football Playoff has sports fans excited for Jan. 1, 2015. That's when the top four teams will square off for a chance to play in the National Championship game, and while there's plenty of debate over which squads will come out on top, there's also room for some fun as well. Answer Financial has decided to evaluate the teams based off something a bit different: car insurance. The company examined the average insurance rates for drivers in each of the four college towns, evaluating how they stack up against one another. Motorists in Eugene, Oregon, and Tallahassee, Florida, square off in the first matchup, just as the University of Oregon Ducks and the Florida State Seminoles will in the Rose Bowl. According to Answer Financial's data, Oregon comes out on top, as drivers there only have to pay about $836 per year for coverage. That's about half of what motorists in Tallahassee pay each year, with their bills totaling $1,625 annually. In the Sugar Bowl, the Alabama Crimson Tide will go up against the Ohio State Buckeyes. Although Alabama may be favored in the game itself, Ohio State takes the cake when it comes to car insurance. Drivers in Columbus, Ohio, pay about $959 per year, while people in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, have to fork over approximately $1,148 every 12 months. That leaves Ohio State and Oregon facing off in the championship game, where the low rates in Eugene, Oregon, claim the title. While the Ducks may have the lowest insurance rates, there's no telling what auto repair costs or maintenance expenses could add up to over time. Drivers can cut back on some of these pricey endeavors by turning to proactive measures and preventative maintenance, but ultimately, being a smart and safe driver is the best bet.
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