The Big Show Commences

January 10, 2011 12:00 AM

Today, one of the world's most prestigious auto shows - the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) - opened its doors to the media eager to see what's next in the world of cars. The public show begins January 15th, so drivers who can take a few days off should hop in their cars, get a check-up and take a little road trip to Detroit.

According to MSN Auto, this year's displays will be very diverse in the manufacturers' focus.

For example, the new Toyota Prius-crossover will display excellent fuel efficiency while the new special edition Lamborghini will offer a crowd-pleasing futuristic design and "jaw-dropping sticker price."

The most exciting development about the 2011 NAIAS is the glorious return of American car makers. General Motors and Chrysler suffered in the economy but thanks to rejuvenating government bailout, the manufacturers are back with all-new lineups.

GM is getting ready to show off its new hybrid gas/electric Volt car while Chrysler will display its new fa├žade thanks to a 20 percent ownership by Fiat.

In addition to the many showcases and panels, guests at the show will be able to test drive some cars at an indoor track.

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