The best trucks for handling anything, according to Car and Driver

January 28, 2011 12:00 AM

Trucks can be handy in tricky situations, especially in inclement weather or unpaved roads.

Car and Driver knows this well and they've decided to share the "World's Bravest Trucks."

"Working in... harsh conditions calls for the toughest, most-durable, most-capable trucks on the planet - but also vehicles that are affordable enough for nonprofits and common enough to ensure a steady supply of parts," says the auto magazine. "These are the bravest trucks in the world."

Five trucks made the cut on the list, so let's dig in.

First is the Toyota Land Cruiser. Known for its amazing off-road capabilities and its transition from rugged outback mobile to an elegant and luxurious model, this truck has been around since 1984 and doesn't appear to be going anywhere.

Also great? The Nissan Patrol, the Land Cruiser's main competition, is feisty and can carry quite  the load.

When a war is named after a truck, you know the vehicle has to gnarly. The Toyota War of 1987 is so named after the Hilux, which was used to carry arms across the deserts of Libya and Chad.

Of course, where would a list of this kind be without a Land Rover and the Hummer? These two round out the list nicely, proving that sometimes, a driver just needs a heavy-duty truck instead of a sedan.

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