The best cars for golfers

April 13, 2015 04:27 PM

Jordan Spieth made history with his run at the 2015 Masters Tournament. The 21-year-old golfer, who is the second-youngest person to ever win the competition, ended the four-day affair by tying the record for the lowest score ever recorded on the greens at the Augusta National course. While his historic performance may not be repeatable by casual fans of the sport - or even many of his fellow pros, for that matter - avid golfers can still incorporate their love of the game into many aspects of life. 

Cars for golfers
Autotrader decided to honor the Masters Tournament by compiling a list of the best cars for golfers. The website's editors focused on both new and used vehicles that had the features athletes need, whether it's room to store gear or a smooth HVAC system to help cool off after a long day in the sun. 

"Golf, like other enthusiast sports, requires lots of gear and equipment, but our list of cars addresses more than just the need for ample cargo space," said Brian Moody, site editor for Autotrader. "We know golfers are also searching for interior comfort, time-saving features like easy fold-down seating and a car that still feels sporty." 

When it came to new vehicles, Autotrader selected models like the Lexus RX, Buick LaCrosse and Hyundai Genesis as the best choices for golfers. Some sleeker cars made the cut as well. Both the Dodge Challenger and the Chevrolet Corvette were chosen, thanks in large part to their ability to adapt to almost any lifestyle. Used cars got in on the fun as well. With the right vehicle maintenance, models like the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Cadillac CTS and BMW 5-Series are great choices for golfers, Autotrader reported. 

Not the only option
Golf lovers don't have to base their entire purchase on their favorite hobby. Minnesota will soon allow drivers to display their pride on license plates. According to The Associated Press, the "Play Golf Minnesota" plates could become available in August as part of the latest wave of specialty options for state residents. All motorists have to do is donate $30 or more to a local golf foundation, with proceeds going toward youth golf programs. 

Not everyone has the option of wearing their love of the sport on their vehicles, but that doesn't mean they can't make their trips to the links more enjoyable. Golfers should make sure they're heading to an auto repair franchise regularly so experts can ensure all amenities are running smoothly. Investing in auto air conditioning service will keep players cool on the hottest of summer days, while standard tune ups guarantee there won't be issues storing clubs or navigating crowded parking lots. 

Having a bit of forethought with regard to your hobbies and your car can save you lots of aggravation down the line. Think beyond driving performance when shopping, and don't be afraid to test out cargo space on a test drive. 

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