The Beatles' "Drive My Car" endures years later

July 12, 2011 12:00 AM

There are many songs about cars, but when the Fab Four decided to make a reference to vehicles, the world sat up and listened. It doesn't reference a specific model, but The Beatles' 1965 hit "Drive My Car" has become a true classic.

With lyrics primarily penned by Paul McCartney, the song takes the form of a conversation between a man and a woman. The woman apparently has delusions of grandeur and believes that she'll soon be on her way to Hollywood to become a famous movie star.

Somewhat condescendingly, the woman tells her male partner "Baby you can drive my car," referring to him being her chauffeur once she becomes famous. This forms the main chorus of the song: "Baby you can drive my car/Yes I'm gonna be a star/Baby you can drive my car/And maybe I'll love you."

The man replies that he doesn't need the job, but the woman insists in a somewhat suggestive fashion. Suddenly changing his tune, the man acquiesces and says he'll be her chauffeur. Of course, this is where the budding actress reveals that she doesn't even have a car - "But I've got a driver and it's a start."  

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