'The Avengers' gets a new concept car

November 5, 2012 12:00 AM

The 2012 SEMA Auto Show in Las Vegas boasted a wide array of unique cars and designs, but some of the most exciting displays had a more futuristic appeal. Honda was one automaker that brought along forward-thinking concepts, including an idea for a supercar featured in the cinematic smash "The Avengers."

According to Autoweek, the concept for the Acura supercar was Honda's biggest draw at the show, wowing comic book fans and car enthusiasts alike. Powered by the platinum-group metal Palladium, the car gets 234 miles to the gallon for city driving and 302 on the highway. The car, which was driven in the movie by Iron Man, comes complete with a palm-scan ID system, a bulletproof exterior and night vision, GT Spirit reports.

All of the vehicle's special features drove the price tag up to an astounding $9,229,000, which includes tax and licenses. When all of the extras are included, the cost balloons to more than $10 million.

Unfortunately for car enthusiasts, there is very little vehicle maintenance that can be done to soup up a car to the superhero-level Honda created. Instead of hitting dealerships, the concept car was only created for the movie and the model will stick to appearances on the auto show circuit. 

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