The 2012 Ferrari FF: Best thing ever?

March 31, 2011 12:00 AM

Ferrari unveiled a new design in Geneva for its new FF, but no one knew how incredible it would be. Now, MSN Autos is claiming it's the best (and fastest) low-slung SUV, the coolest hatchback and a sign of the Mayan apocalypse all rolled into one.

The 2012 FF comes with all-wheel drive, a 6.3-liter V-12 engine and a 7-speed twin-clutch auto. And that's not all - this baby gets 641 horsepower and 504 lb-ft of torque.

"Icing on the cake: Thanks to the build-complexity simplification of its shared engine and transaxle architectures, Ferrari expects to sell the more powerful, more capable FF for the same price as the 612 Scaglietti," states the auto experts.

Perfect for golf club enthusiasts and Aspen-skiing families, the FF seats four passengers comfortably and drives perfectly over those snowy roads, even at high speeds.

So what's the catch? In addition to costing a fortune when it comes to fuel, the engine doesn't feel right when drivers choose to keep it at under 6000 rpm. MSN Autos says it's like a Viper or... a UPS truck. Ouch.

Sure it can climb mountains, stays on the roads in winter and has lots of power, but so do the Porsche 911 and Ferrari 458. 

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