Tesla wins prize for Technology of the Year

January 21, 2014 12:00 AM

Great strides are made each year in the auto industry, but only some of those innovations can be rewarded with accolades from a few of the sector's most respected publications. Luckily, a few new introductions stand out from the pack and make themselves worthy of the extra attention. 

That was the case with the Tesla Supercharger, which was recently given the Technology of the Year Award by AOL Autos and AutoBlog. Judges from a number of publications got together to decide on a winner.

The Supercharger network, which is comprised of 54 stations throughout the U.S., aims to make it easier for owners of electric vehicles to refuel their cars while out and about. It stood out from its competitors thanks to the widespread effect it could have on the industry. 

"There's simply no way the average consumer is going to consider putting an electric vehicle in their garage if there's no way to refuel it on the go," said Jeremy Korzeniewski, managing editor of AutoBlog, as quoted by AOL Autos. "If Tesla is able to continue rolling out long stretches of Superchargers, EVs will finally have the level playing ground that they need in order to have a chance at succeeding." 

While there may be a few hang-ups associated with electric vehicles, such as more costly auto repair, there are many benefits. The ability to charge these cars at different locations throughout the country may only increase the appeal of these vehicles. 

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