Tesla to debut a 90-second battery swap system

June 21, 2013 12:00 AM

While many drivers have wholeheartedly embraces electric cars, some are still hesitant and have expressed questions about the regular vehicle maintenance these automobiles require. Tesla did its best to settle some of these fears at its most recent conference June 20, when it unveiled a new system that will allow drivers to swap out battery packs in cars in only 90 seconds. 

Battery swapping stations will begin popping up in the coming months, with the first locations set in California, between Los Angeles and San Francisco, and along the route from Washington, D.C., to Boston. 

"There are some people, they take a lot of convincing," Elon Musk, the brand's chief executive, said at a Tesla event, as quoted by Reuters. "Hopefully this is what convinces people finally that electric cars are the future." 

This is just the latest development for Tesla, which has been striving to make electric cars more feasible for drivers across the U.S. According to Top Speed, the manufacturer is in the process of setting up an extensive charging network throughout the country and has begun offering models with unprecedented ranges to better serve its customers. 

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