Talk show host loves the new car simulator for its high speeds and realism

March 21, 2011 12:00 AM

Vehicle connoisseur Jay Leno has officially given the thumbs up on a new product that simulates driving in various landscapes - at high speeds - without ever leaving the garage.

It works by placing a real car on some brackets on the rear axle and pads underneath the front wheels that rotate with the tires so it doesn't move forward.

Leno's car of choice? The Corvette Z06, which has a top speed of around 180 miles per hour.

"The realism is amazing," exclaims the NBC talk show host in an op-ed piece for MotorTrend. "The car's under load and sounds exactly as the car would sound at 150 miles an hour. There are fans that simulate whatever speed you're driving and the exhaust is extracted out the back through big hoses."

The cool thing about this simulator is the ability to drive on roads that drivers wouldn't normally be able to drive doing more than 80 (in a 40 mph zone).

In addition to the many roadscapes, there is also a variety of weather conditions that add some difficulty to those drivers who already know how to handle their car at top speeds.

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